All Virtual Data Room Providers

iDeals VDR

Ideals Virtual Data Room is one of the most progressive services, which is characterized by the reasonable price, the flawless degree of protection and perfect service. It is also special thanks to its 60-day free trial. Besides, Ideals VDR possesses numerous locations all over the world, which demonstrates its relevance. Taking into consideration the reviews about it, it is also one of the most user-friendly repositories.

Rating: 4/5


Intralinks Dealspace was one of the first providers, being opened in 1996. It is cheap and also presents you a gratis trial. The 8-languages support and the twenty-four-hour helpline will come useful to you in cases when you are going to collaborate with the foreign partners. Besides, it is of great importance that it can be accessed by the personal computer, smartphone, and mobile apps, so you will always have the freedom to work and stay connected wherever you are.

Rating: 4/5

Ansarada VDR

Ansarada VDR is intended for people who are going to complete the M&A bargains because firstly it was created especially for this purpose. Nevertheless, it is also appropriate for having a deal with other scopes of activity. Its main features are 365/24/7 clients support, ISO 27001certificate, the capability to store the archival depository on the USB Drive and DVD, and the recognition of all the document formats.

Rating: 4/5

Merrill Datasite

Merrill Datasite is a huge American provider, which disposes of numerous locations all over the world. It is perfect for completing the M&A transactions as it recognizes 14 languages and has the day-and-night technical support. Unfortunately, you cannot use it with your smartphone, but it has the iPad app. The data room security is unbeatable. The industry solutions offered by this venture are banking, real property, biotechnologies, and M&A. Due to the reviews, it is quite expensive and does not have a gratuitous trial. Of course, you can use its Q&A module for intercourse with your clients.

Rating: 3/5

SmartRoom VDR

SmartRoom VDR is very user-friendly, so any training makes no sense. Your users will have such capabilities as secure filesharing, file management, 365/24/7 helpline, and others. Their protection system includes a lot of safety precautions. The scopes of activity, it works with are capital markets, legal aid, and corporate exchange. The industry solutions are DueD, fundraising, M&A operations, post-merger integration, secure cooperation, restructuring, legal settlements, and medical records analysis. The online data share is also possible. What is more, it has numerous offices on 3 continents, so you can come and discuss everything or contact them by phone or e-mail.

Rating: 3/5


It is essential for a business to find a secure virtual data room that will not only keep all the documents perfectly protected but also will provide a convenient place for a productive teamwork. The HighQ data room might be just the solution you’re looking for.

This provider offers a pretty basic variety of features. But to be honest, do businesses really need anything more? HighQ solutions are simple yet elegant and provide users with all necessary tools. This provider focuses on what’s really important polishing every detail to make sure every customer enjoys the smoothness of the workflow using the virtual data room.