Merrill Datasite

Merrill Datasite as a global service for different deals

Merrill Datasite is an American vendor, founded by Merrill Corporation. It states itself as a global service and it is easy to believe in the virtue of the fact that it owns the impressive number of offices all over the world, which gives you the freedom to come and discuss all the questions and matters you are interested in. It promises that you will enjoy the highest level of security, advanced search engine, and the multilingual support (14 languages).

One more pleasant thing is the Q&A functionality. It is necessary to work with the virtual data room provider, which gives you this function as it lightens your intercourse with the partners. Unfortunately, you cannot use its free trial, the price and the demo version are given only by request. Some of the reviews claim that is not really easy-to-handle, but as a rule, it depends on users and their relationships with the computers. Merrill Datasite is not accessible with the mobile device, but the iPad app is at your service. It busies itself with M&A process, file keeping, elections, Initial Public Offering, Tenders, Due Diligence and so on and so forth. It goes without saying that your deals will be kept in the safe place and it is all confirmed by the SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 certificates.

With all the vast experience Merrill has there is no wonder that this provider can handle even the most complex business processes. That’s why this data room became one of the primary tools for many Wall Street corporations. Numerous global financial institutions trust Merrill their sensitive data. Therefore, the higher cost of this service doesn’t come as a surprise. 

However, unlike many omerrill one data roomther old-fashioned providers, this one won’t make you question what are you paying for. Since Merrill data rooms can handle all the kinds of business activities, you won’t need to jump from one tool to another all the time. You can hold each new deal and every process that involves documents in this virtual data room. As a result, the workflow becomes more streamlined, smooth, and fast. And no one will get confused because everything is kept in one place.

Although you still can feel that Merrill is more focused on corporations that exist for a while. This data room does provide businesses with all the functions they need to close the deal or handle any other process successfully. However, it lacks some features that are quite standard for other providers. For example, users can’t upload files in bulk with a drag and drop function. It’s not a big deal, but such a feature makes the uploading way easier for users. And there is no Fence View which is an essential function that can protect your data from prying eyes.

Of course, we can justify the lack of such tools with the fact that Merrill’s clients are mostly old-fashioned firms. Perhaps, they truly don’t need all these advanced things young modern businesses enjoy. But if you feel like you might want to have those features in your data room, think twice before choosing Merrill. Probably, another solution will suit you better.