iDeals VDR

iDeals as the best virtual data room for M&A deals

Ideals Virtual Data Room is one of the top virtual data room providers in Australia. This is the forward-thinking data room, which presents you a broad variety of the latest innovations and functionalities. Taking into consideration the virtual data room review, it is the best virtual data room. The first steps were taken by the Ideals Solutions in 2008. Since that time, the venture has opened 6 offices in various states. It is of interest, that you are free to experience this secure data room for free during 30 days. Any other data room provider gives such a long period of time for testing. In cases when your main task is the M&A deal-making, Ideals VDR will be perfect for you for the reason that it has the user interface with 12 languages. Moreover, its 365/24/7 helpline is ready to resolve all the hindrances you face wherever you are.ideals data room

Contrariwise, these capabilities will be useful not only for M&A but also for other scopes of activity. The number of recognized document formats is 25 but if you need, iDeals data room can convert any file to the PDF format. This is very convenient as this is one of the most widely spread formats in our days. Furthermore, it is pointless to think of the confidentiality of your deeds as it has three different certifications, which prove its reliability. The interesting thing about it is that you can ask their team to design your virtual data room software in correspondence with your company logos and colors. At the first gaze, you can think that it is nonsense, but for sure it will impress your potential clients.

In general, iDeals secure data room makes it way simpler for businesses to maintain their data. You can upload files in bulk, and the system will index them automatically. Thanks to the full-text search both your team members and invited third-parties will find the documents they need in no time. And as changes appear, you can easily merge, move, and even restore files and folders. Also, you can merge several documents into one PDF file.

To make the data room not just convenient but secure as well, iDeals offers numerous security features. For example, there is Fence view that will hide the document from prying eyes. The secure spreadsheet viewer will show you Excel files as PDF documents to keep the original file safe from harm or theft. Dynamic watermarks will help you protect the information from unauthorized copying. Also, they will make you look more trustworthy in the eyes of your potential partners or clients.

With granular document permissions, you’ll be able to set the levels of access for each user and file. Thus, you have full control over the actions other users can perform with the information stored in the data room. If you need to make sure you’ve set everything correctly, you can enter the VDR impersonating a certain user with a specific set of permissions. Moreover, you can control which documents can mobile users access, and how will the files be displayed on mobile devices.

Additionally, you can configure the requirements for passwords users create to force them to come up with more secure and complex combinations. And considering that iDeals also has two-factor authentication, there is no chance for unauthorized people to get access to your data. If you need, you also can restrict access from certain IP addresses and at specific periods of time.