The age of mobile: how data rooms become more portable

Data rooms are supporting document-related business processes for quite a while now. And most companies around the world use them to manage sensitive corporate data, keep it protected, and share it with third-parties when needed. A data room took away all the hassle firms were going through just two decades ago.

Today, entrepreneurs don’t have to travel around the globe to just fetch the required documents. Data rooms save companies a lot of time and money since all directors need to do now is to click a couple of buttons to invite the third-party to the data room to review the files. And if the company keeps the VDR up to date, any due diligence or another business process will get instantly accelerated.

 Could it get any better?

The data room technology is already so advanced that it allows firms to not only share and store files in the secure cloud but perform other activities, too. For example, most providers offer Questions and Answers sections for parties to solve issues quickly. Also, almost every data room gathers valuable information about user activity and brings it to the entrepreneur. Studying these reports, business owners can see tendencies, make better decisions, and improve their actions in the future.

However, it’s hard not to notice that mobile devices already begin crowding out desktops. We use our smartphones all the time. And statistics show that half of the Internet users browse sites, visit social media, talk to others, and even make purchases from their portable gadgets. So why not use your smartphone for business purposes as well?

That’s why most data room providers would offer a mobile version of their platforms. And some vendors even have a dedicated app you can install to your mobile device. The application is more convenient to use, and it’s more secure.

 Why would you want to use your smartphone to work with a data room?

Let’s leave behind the obvious reason – you’re on the go, and you have only your phone with you. In this situation, you virtually have no choice other than pop on the website via your portable device.

But let’s take a look at another reason to use your mobile phone. Its screen is way smaller than the screen of your laptop. So if you’re in some public place, it makes more sense to use a small screen instead of the large one to keep the information protected from curious eyes. And if you’re using a dedicated app, you’re protecting the data even more reliably since the application has its layers of security.

Finally, it’s obviously more convenient to use a mobile app instead of a desktop version of the data room because of push notification. If something happens in the VDR, you will be instantly notified about the activity, and you can open the document right away. Therefore, you can react way faster.

The bottom line

Mobile devices will force out desktops sooner or later. Of course, we will still use laptops and PCs in the future. But all the trends indicate that we will prefer our smartphones over the bulky desktop device. That’s why you should embrace mobile data rooms now to be one of those advanced business owners who always is one step ahead of others.

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